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Hey i'm chelsea!

On the Mark Designs comes from a play on words with my maiden name "Markham". I knew that someday I would meet my Prince Charming (I did) and the play on words would no longer be applicable. Thankfully my work is able to fill in the awkwardness of my company name not matching my new married name, by being "on the mark" when it comes to style, quality, and overall cuteness! So the name stays. Hopefully that clears up any confusion and answers any questions you probably weren't asking!

A little about me: I am a "Jane of All Trades", typography nerd, musical theatre loving, LDS, lipstick wearing girl who loves design almost as much as I love cats...almost! 

If you are looking for affordable, sophisticated, quirky designs or illustrated solutions for your company or personal project, you have come to the right place. Or if you're an illustrator or beginning lettering artist looking for some extra help and resources, I hope I can help you out there as well!

Let's fill the world with good design together! 

See a little sneak peek into my process below!

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